I just want

like the drift from your arms
in season withered,
the violet once plucked

a drop just to wet
the leaf unturned and vermeil
patience i wait

as winter chills the lesson
learned thru the con of de-scent
talk down to me….

i wasnt lying poet
i just want to fuck u!

only when u say my name…


Lost in

the cliche of riddles
taught by mothers over stew
thru the veil—

lost in vermeil
tanned by breed
a country calls

my name simply implied
thru thrust the god awakened
another spice

fancey now the thought
what it is indians offer
awkward the scent…

in riddles, i dishonest
caught in the spell
embrace the youth

looking down, my name two
inflected with constant
the struggle!

waiting with loyalty
the hint of lingerie
the tinge of touch

pulled up ‘cross the feather
entwined in snares of art
lips pressed

caress me the mother craved
in you the child created
moan it– 👄

if the youth is too far
the measure of years
spilled white

why the dark arroused
the biggot exposed
im small

but if depth in words
craved for the illiterate
my simplicity

i wasnt lying poet
the miss simply neglect
your canvass exposed

forced now to confess
in imagery no allowance
words simply linger

i cant lie with another
when my quiver pierces u
fuck me please…

trojan thin….

mother’s hood

lost in the comfort
the nerve to hide
what cleary is plain

in sight i close
my fuck too fast
like a string bent

i vibrato the flesh
moulded with clay
your urethra ready

if i hook with two
that which u clearly need
will u release with pleasure?

just laugh when i explain
Missed opportunities
Two explain…

Why do u protect
that which is exposed
only for me to fuck again?

i guess i’ll put a ring on it…

it’s for anal…