This Sucks #2


Joan of Arc Girls

A pre-French Revolution stylized women’s movent about how girls needs to lift weights.


Camillo Cabello as Joan of Arc herself

Melanie Martinez-Ziegler as Marie Antoinette

Violet Summers-Martinez as her British lover

Riley Summers-Ziegler as the British Queen

Gloria Steinem-Ziegler as Merlina, the wizard who keeps all the men from masturbating too much

Maybe Lady Gaga



appearances are deceiving

but the tiner the squint

the more pretty they are all to me

yet in this distance

like a nasty scar

thru time I need

the pain seemingly

like chiseled without the fame

just write me poetry

and I’ll write you fame….


why’s that?

if you take this too far

these ex-lovers will start saying we’re all insane

but if I keep typing the obvious

then why don’t you write my name?

i kiss the cloth

red so soft

and yet the cum seems to dry

while women cry in swarms

if this is the hill we die on

drunk now on the red

christ now taylor

get out of my head

painful memories…

missing cabello

if the mascra is run
doesn’t the pin drop of ignorance

fired by the neglect
so hurt so hurt

my heart was on fire
now my red is on cool

if we’re are too die for you
then please be the one to be cool

why do you spurn that which feels
just to synth thru the blues….

i miss you cabello….