female circumcision, amirite gloria?

for every male rape victim and every formerly accused man of hurting a woman’s body when she just wanted to murder her child because she was being coerced to do it by white elite parents who hate their lives because they don’t want to lose their careers

Labias rub against each other, clit hoods can act like mini foreskin on a clitoris, and the magnitude does equal out.

So what about baby boy circumcisions then, karma queens?

women: they are more sanitary and we don’t want our boys to have an infection because our mother bettys told us to get them done so they fit in.

men: so baby’s forget pain right, becasue a lot of boys are now being accused of toruting women, while women have to admit they deserve everything being dealt to them by a hand that does bite when fed.

women: yes and we will take our punishment when told the baby would not be anesthetized because we knew deep down it was hurting our bodies too.

men: not good enough. i want foreskin for foreskin.

a mother: i want it made it illegal in a country that is hiring nazis from africa to remove baby boy’s foreskin in the most painful procedure possible to show how firm they believe in their temperament theory.

mike: god does forgive, huh?

a mother: i felt it the whole time.

mike’s mother, marilee: i don’t believe you.

mother: that’s because i’m lying.

marilee: so you are dishoenst then.

mother: i dont want my syptem cleft and i dont want my nose removved.

marilee: good thing god takes his actions out on those who deserve it, because you are what is known as a liar.

mother: i’ll take my punishment and go without, knowing one day i will get my nose back just to have it fall off again.

marilee: good.

end male circumsion and fuck ms. magazine and gloria steinem for every hypocritical belief they ever preached.

end interview


Quakers vs the Atheists

fuck off kellogg

The quaker and atheist wars goes back at least to the days of Ben Franklin and his bitch sessions about how he couldn’t become their headmaster while drawing golden circles and triangles, while the true battle was with former doctors and nurses who failed to bend to the age of protest, as we knew full well their intentions to fight all that we cherish: peace and contentment.

May all never-fat dieticians and nutritionists fuck themselves as we embrace the weather, the clouds, the skies, the moons, the food we can afford, and the food we’ll never enjoy.

To Kellogg, an asshole who could never defeat the power of the crunch.

Khadija, with the power of Muhammed

January 7, 2023