The Hollywood Gist – Issue #3

We’re on a break!

The Hollywood Gist #2

Well, dear #Hollywood readers, the word is is gunning for the jugular of the Internet, as Google slowly dies a Pheonix -death as they vow to one day get their Tabloids on more Tracfones, and even higher-up Androids that now can laugh at how their porn-watching habits are being tracked by algorithms and bots alike.

While we cherish the rise of WordPress, as they are a newspaper with a gossip column, we do mourn the archive of as the US congress has no changed their cover-up to insist it’s because we showed a female anus to baby Muslims for the first time.

As is 1/2 of the only Internet channels to offer pretty much unlimited censored speech, tho WordPress admires art for those who want a workaround, the truth is we’re humbled to at least acknowledge our US Government still believes in protecting WE, the people, tho FW Media founder, and current co-owner Michael Martinez-Ziegler have gone on to state: “few people are willing to put God before their Children…”

With this boasting out of the way, the Gist around Tinseltown is that there is a very hushed and secretive remake of the classical European silent film that no one saw in film school entitled The Passion of Joan of Arc that seems to have rejuvenated a very stagnant and uninspired inner-vision from former Hollywood star and stunt director Mel Gibson, who demands a plot!

As witches burn knowing their heresy, Joan simply cried out “Yahweh,” which stunned a British audience known to Judaism, slowly understanding why a man vomited as her flesh filled their nostrils.

It’s an intense one, and as the search for the next Jehanne of Arc continues, we must assert that while FW Media’s sister company, THE 3 HR NAP PUBLISHERS, is currently under construction, we are embracing the need for stark-realism on screen that few could have imagined.

But alas, that is all the gist we have at the moment.

ChrisDean from Nigeria


The Hollwood Gist: A Studio’s Bathroom Newsletter

Well folks, the news going around Tinseltown is starting to brighten up a little as the rumors are swirling about a super-hot and sought-after screenplay by the formerly disgraced Hughes Brothers called the “AntiChrist,” which they insist is not a rip-off from the far artsier-fartsier screenplay and film by Lars von Trier.

Elsewhere in Tinseltown, heads are getting even more dizzier as there is rumors about a secret bid on the rights to Tsun Szao’s The Art of War, which appears to have attracted the attention of one Brian dePalma and Martin Scorsese. While hints of Steven Spielberg’s harrowing homage to David Lean, Empire of the Sun, comes to mind from the inner vision of these two Goats on Cinema, we also are hearing another rumor that Marty wants his own version of the film with the same title. I guess these two Raging Bulls will have to Duke It Out over who gets bragging rights.

There’s also a super-secret and very hot bidding war going on for the rights for a book deal/ screenwriting deal from famed mystery writer Dennis Delaney and David Fincher’s Production Company over a project entitled: “Eye Box” that looks to have attracted the attention of Tarsem Singh as well. While we won’t spoil the beans over that Hughes Brothers solo project, at least we can all be grateful we’re no longer building a tower of Babel.

Just keep in mind, I ain’t writing it.

Me, Chaning Tatum and Jonah Hill are busy.