Anesa Dukagjin

this is Romanian…

money can’t buy
the love shared
between rest and taunt

No cash can pay for that which was never mine…



A Course in Food Critism

A Course in Food Criticism

When critiquing food, for many newbies, the simple is goal to be able to describe what they are eating, and perhaps offer an opinion on the perceived quality of the food.

For these connoisseurs developing their soft palette for the first time, the performance is not in their ability to critique the flavor of the food, but to express the appreciated terminology verbally as a demonstration of how to speak fluently without having a prepared speech written ahead of time.

While this performance is often done at an almost religious extremity, hopefully when in the appropriate town of Vienna, then there are other times when criticism is less appreciated.

A company bias:

Here at FW Media, we do believe that food criticism is a valid form of art criticism. However, it is of the personal opinion of our founder, Michael Martinez-Ziegler, that food criticism should focus less on the judgemental attitude of how the food tastes and whether it was good or bad, but rather come from a more Christian-like angle that food is meant to be enjoyed and shared, and should only be critiqued when asked to be critiqued by the chef.

Food criticism, in a nutshell, should focus on the personal tale behind the meal and help share a story, as Michael himself goes out of his way to not judge a free meal, as there are many starvation survivors who find offense at describing the quality of a meal when hunger still exists in the world.

If we are going to critique the quality of a meal, ensure that the critique counts and is appropriate for the meal being admired, and hopefully digested.

Humor goes a long way to softening the hearts and stomachs of the even most extreme fascist eaters out there, but here at FW Media, we believe in finding truth in the art we consume, hopefully for the benefit of all mankind.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
For FW Media

Oscar Corrections

This is an ongoing series of Oscar snubs and corrections as we go through history and fix the wrongs of films and actors that should have won.

For 2016, our corrections are this:

Christopher Lambert did not deserve that second Oscar for best-supporting actor. In fact, he did not deserve to be nominated at all. For that year, it was supposed to be Leonardo Dicaprio who won for Django Unchained.

So for Django, fuck you, Quentin Tarantino. You were supposed to win the Inglorious Basterds Best Adapted Screenplay.

–George Lucas, former director of the first order

God is melanie martinez


its only nature bitches

to simply enjoy the riches

of all my kingdom has to offer

gifted with the curses of laughter

the nectar of sweet and history

with the beet of my goddess

enjoy the wealth on display

for you only she shall be spread

simply there for you to enjoy

I’m in love with you too….

The Key to Personal Peace – (book, 2003)

“The more knowledge we have, the less wisdom we seem to acquire.”
–Billy Graham

As the misquote above slowly sinks in for Western readers beginning to understand the Eastern philosophy of switching around certain word choices to reinforce the same meaning, a lot of developing minds are slowly grappling with the challenges of mental Taoism, knowing two opposing forces are currently at opposition, tho seeking to become harmonious with themselves.

For America’s former pastor Billy Graham, a prophet of peace and serenity if there was one, his passion was simply for a country torn by the grief of a destroyed tower in Manhatten to slowly come to grips with the reality the country of America now faced:

The more we know, the less we do!

If the current collegiate saying is true, that knowledge is power, then power is the enactment of wisdom that is practiced thru faith and experience, something which many older generations in the West are struggling with.

Age tends to slow the body, and while small growths are to be encouraged, perhaps the biggest boulder this country faces and soon to be the whole world is the realization that after a pretty tame Trump presidency, most of the people involved seem to have found peace in their life by reclaiming their faith in Christ, who promoted warfare for those truly willing to go to battle with families who rejected God’s own teachings.

For those who have the knowledge and mantras of Biblical scripture, the wisdom contained in those books is simply: “Wise men run from danger.”

As Solomen spoke those prophetic passages at the mere age of 32 years old, acknowledging his own father David’s plight from Samson as he began to challenge the envy of Israel’s then king, the horror he felt simply was the horror Solomen began to succumb to.

For Mr. Graham himself, the peace he sought in this book was a return to Conservative values and the need to find comfort in our own youth, remembering the days at a soda fountain in West Virginia where he was given a quarter by his own daddy.

For those old enough to remember, and people of my age and younger who have the ability to visit local antique malls and dealers, the soda fountain that he describes was vastly different from the pop we purchase at stores today.

As I myself sit in my room, looking for peace of mind as me and my wife grapple with the schizophrenic horror that September 11, 2001, we begin to find comfort in the light carbonation and slightly fruity juice that Graham himself was describing.

Yes, Coca-Cola existed in those times, but that was an excuse to deal cocaine to the masses while Stefanie and I, and perhaps our occasional concubine Ebba Nilsson and Taylor Swift knew it to be pure garbage.

For us, the core values we sought weren’t pure sugary sweetness and destruction of our now-sensitive and baby life palettes, but rather the tanginess and slight sweetness that the small-town and close friendships that were felt in our own slighty southern homes could provide.

Sadly, as Mr. Graham goes on to explain, the happiness found in such a delightful tho ultimately crave-inducing drug that is soda, the delight wears off as our circumstances do inevitably change.

For our mouths to find satisfaction in a delightful drink is fine, but for our souls to feel nourished after the destruction of towers we found to inspire hope, the reality is that our circumstances do indeed change as we grow older and lose our wisdom, only to acquire the knowledge that others seek.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, knowing that joy is fleeting, but that thru our own personal crucifixions that is the power of Christ, we begin to know the second type of joy, that we too shall survive this horrifying ordeal, as the terror felt in our minds slowly fades into all of us.

The power of Christ, and the Christian mindset as a whole, is that we can overcome any obstacle not by willpower or mantras, but thru experience that is only acquired by climbing out of our own caves and beginning to feel the light that is wisdom exemplified by faith.

If we are to seek knowledge of the world thru books and Internet articles, even drone-inducing YouTube videos that never end, we must accept that eventually, even the Holy Bible can longer serve us any good.

Knowledge now becomes the experience we gain from getting past our own prior Holocausts and winters, knowing the joys of autumn and the chill of the Midwest, and the belief that one day we all will visit new lands and find joy in dirt roads that no one ever walks along.

The mental hospitals that have imprisoned us all begin to evaporate, as the comfort we now find is the very destruction of towers and bricks that at once horrified us in the first place.

If terrorists are to be believed, the art of September 11 wasn’t the terror it induced in all of our eventually torn minds, but the joy it brought to those who could no longer tolerate the noise that damn attends brought to the world, spewing out radio signals of voices that wouldn’t go away.

To be believed is the joy of the testimony of the four Biblical gospels, and to be believed is the joy that every man, woman, and baby acknowledge should be experienced at least once in our lifetime.

For the ignorant, their disbelief is mere performance as they cry for an education few truly want, and for that wisdom to settle in, the knowledge is that the body is meant to feel pain, the tongue meant to be broken in, and the brain meant to feel terror, as ever our bones have nerve receptors that can be terrorized.

It may not make sense to those young enough to have never felt the horror of September 11 or even Pearl Harbor, but for those who now find the terror of the skull so hard to accept, find the joy that as every Christian begins to move on to new homes and experience the joy that is the homeless shelters in America, we need new roads to travel, even if they are simply back alleys and dirt paths even bikes no longer ride down.

As Billy Graham learned that day the two towers fell in Manhatten, terror of the mind is real, but for those of us who have found our own tantric-like relief in cots and twin beds in shelters that provide safe haven to the weary, we no longer live on sidewalks and pavements, but beds, that while undesirable as they may be, still provide comfort few can afford in the world.

Two dollars a day is the mindset of the poverty-ridden, but for those of with the experience of having been thru the worst, the wisdom now is knowing we have been thru the worst.

Find joy in all that Mr. Billy Graham has to offer, as for us older and wiser Americans, and perhaps even Westerners still grappling with the sobriety that is terror, comfort in simply being reminded of a voice that is calm and assured of all modern American-Christianity has to offer.

Final Verdict: For some, being told Christianity will provide peace may make eyes roll as they deny the reality that is the way of Buddhism and Atheism, but for those of us thankful enough to know the joy of God and all that he has to provide us, we simply know the truth: God demands much of us, and disciplines us with the harshness of bamboo sticks and terror that was September 11, 2001. If a headache is all that we can no longer endure, then the comfort is simply the words of wise men who can feel past the crisis that is the plight of the young adult.

I give this back 4/5, for simply reminding myself and other Christians of the world that Conservative values matter, even when liberals bitch and moan about women not gaining thrones of power. Corruption exists, but the joy of grandchildren and families forming is far more important than political positions that make us yawn and even desire to get up and move. Maybe even use the bathroom.

God bless, and merry Christmas, even if Yeshua denies it’s his birthday.